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Our Community


Mountain Creek State School

Earthborn love working with the local community. Mountain Creek State School have taken on the very important task of teaching kids the fundamentals of growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables. Earthborn believe this is an incredibly worthy cause and we’re very happy to supply and deliver the organic soil and compost needed for this project.

Ocean St “The Circular Experiment” – food waste recycling

Earthborn embarked on 6-month program with 45 restaurants and retail businesses on Ocean St in Maroocydore to remove food organics from the general waste stream, diverting it from landfill and instead sending it for beneficial reuse through composting.

Recycling food waste from events, festivals and markets in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Regions.

In 2018 the organic waste stream (including food waste and compostable packaging) from eight local events were composted. In 2019 that number rose to 20 events.

Noosa Triathlon – Iron Man

Instead of using disposable plastic cups for hydration of athletes, The Noosa-Tri invested in compostable BioCups. Following the event 180,000 cups (along with fruit skins from the triathlon) were transported to Earthborn where they were turned into a value-added compost.

From Food to Farm – Living Smart

Nambour Special School