Soil Conditioner and Compost


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Whether in the garden or on the farm, organic matter plays an important role in keeping soil healthy and fertile. Soil conditioning improves the resilience and productivity of both small and large scale growing systems.

Water saving

Increase drought tolerance by holding hundreds of thousands of extra litres per hectare. Increasing the level of organic matter in your soil by a mere 1% will provide you with this extra water holding capacity. This equates to an extra 15-20 litres of water per square meter. Less evaporation from rain events and less watering required.

Reduced reliance on fertilisers

Treating your soil with an Earthborn soil-conditioner will help minimize nutrient loss due to fertiliser leaching.

Stimulate soil biology

Organic matter is a food source for beneficial microbes. These microscopic organisms produce plant-growth hormones and amino acids. Throughout their life cycle they play an important role in nutrient delivery. All natural fertilization through mineral transformation and cycling at the microbial level lessens our reliance on chemical inputs, whilst boosting plant immunity and natural defense mechanisms.

Add stable carbon to the soil

Soil-conditioning is a hugely important tool in adaption to changing climate cycles. Building 1% humus in the soil binds up to 50 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

Soil detoxification

The carbon in compost isolates chemical and heavy metal residues and reduces their likelihood of contaminating our food chain and waterways.