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For turf prep and care:

Premium Soil Mix

As an under-turf mix (this is the product we recommend, but if you’re working on a budget, check out the Landscape Mix & Screened Soil).


Top Dress

For over the turf to repair patchy, uneven areas.


For gardens:

Establishing new gardens:

Premium Soil Mix or Landscape Mix

Topping up existing gardens:

If your soil levels are good, and you only need to condition, try the Fine Planting Mix


For large-scale operations:

For small crops:

For broadacre, grazing, dairy:

Basic Soil Conditioner

See all our soil-conditioner products

If you need something specalised, check out the Custom Blending Service


For land regeneration projects:

Or, if you need something specalised, check out our Custom Blending Service


For hydromulching, revegetation
& erosion control:

Regular application of mulch helps with weed control, moisture retention, erosion control, soil insulation and biological stimulation.

Read on to understand more about the different types of mulch;

Long-lasting mulch:

These products have limited fine material. They are not as soil-conditioning as other products, but will last a long time and have great drainage

Economical mulch for acreage properties:

Mulch that contains lots of fine material will breakdown and condition soil.

These products provide a cost-effective solution for rural and semi-rural properties.


Fine Mulch

0-20mm Sieve.

Contains lots of fines and some stick & twig

Budget Mulch

0-125mm Sieve.

A mixture of fines with bigger stick & twig

The best of both worlds:


A mixture of “Fine Mulch” and “Half Inch Bark”

Forest Blend

0-20mm Sieve.

See all Earthborn Mulch & Barks

For podium planters, vertical walls & container gardens:

For commercial projects with weight limitations:

Otherwise try our:


For shorter-term plantings in smaller pots & containers:


For production nurseries:

Seedling Mix

A fine blend with added perlite for better oxygen & water circulation. Includes a mild fertilizer

Mac 50 Potting Mix

If you’re going to add your own ferts and amendments, use the Mac 50 as a base blend

Mac 100 Premium Potting Mix

If you want a mix with added nutrient & other amendments for better structure, drainage and water holding.

Other types of container growing:

Coarse Mix

Lower pH, increased air-filled porosity & drainage. No NPK ferts added


Plant Bag Mix

For medium – long term plantings in 25-300 litre bags. No added ferts.